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When friends from all walks of life -- musicians, chefs, designers, bankers and surfers -- come together with a shared appreciation for Taiwanese music, food and culture, magic is bound to happen. That magic is Taiker Song 台客颂, a specialty Taiwanese bento and boba cafe.

The journey began with the belief that music feeds the soul. With that belief, the group of sought to integrate all five senses to create musical memories that live through taste. What resulted was months of travelling through the whole of Taiwan to immerse in the local culture and unearth their best kept recipes.

Aptly named, Taiker Song 台客颂 is a portmanteau of Taiwan, Rocker and Song. The team expertly blended these key elements to create an energetic and quirky cafe that brings folks with the same passions together. All in the name of having some unpretentious fun, day or night.

Situated opposite Amoy Street Food Centre, in the day you can feast on delicious Bento meals and Boba tea, and when night falls, the space transforms into a bar serving up beers, bubble tea-inspired cocktails and some of your favorite Taiwanese street bites. When you’re in Taiker Song 台客颂, all inhibitions get thrown out the window as you imbibe, munch and rock out to tunes.

Taiker Song台客颂的品牌概念

如果说音乐是打开人类灵魂的钥匙, 台客颂便是把台客摇滚精神融入味觉的汤匙!


凭此信念,Taiker Song 台客颂的品牌概念随之诞生。